Monday, September 5, 2011

Freeze Away Fat at Home

Have you heard about “Cryolipolysis,” also known as freezing away fat? I just recently saw the process on the Dr. Oz show! Researchers have discovered that fat cells are very sensitive to cold and that freezing results in the loss of adipocytes (also know as lipocytes or fat cells). Fat cells are damaged at a higher temperature than normal tissue and nerves. The process cools the skin and the underlying fat cells which causes the fat cells to undergo spontaneous cell death when they freeze in a temperature that is below the normal body temperature but above the freezing point.

But the fat does not disappear immediately. After the fat cells are frozen, the body’s natural elimination system removes the dead fat debris over a period of months. The before and after pictures I have seen on the internet are very convincing.

One down side to this process is that it is ideal for a person who is near their goal weight, healthy and fit, who may have a small pocket of fat pad, possibly a tummy pouch, love handles or bra bulge on the back that they are having trouble getting rid of. This process can never replace a healthy lifestyle that keeps a body fit.

The newest piece of equipment in the Plastic Surgeon’s office is called Zeltiq. This totally non-invasive form of body contouring, was originally inspired by a curious observation that: children who habitually sucked on ice Popsicles developed cheek dimples, presumably due to the loss of fatty tissue from their cheeks being frozen.

Word has it that the suction device on the end is about the size of your hand and when activated, sucks in the fat pad and cools the pad to the desired temperature for 1 hour. Testimonials have touted no pain, just a strong suction and then intense cooling. The process is uncomfortable at first, then after about 10 minutes, numbness takes over as relief. Some bruising is possible, but disappears as usual. The skin may be numb and swollen for several days, but there’s been no permanent damage reported. That’s because skin is more resistant to freezing than fat. Fat cells freeze faster than skin cells. The recipient needs no recovery time and can continue their daily functions normally.

Zeltiq has been approved by the FDA for cooling associated with a variety of dermatologic treatments, such as anesthesia for skin excisions, etc). FDA clearance for non-invasive, fat reduction (lipolysis) is still pending in the United States. The Zeltiq device is approved in Europe for aesthetic fat reduction and has been used off-label for several years by American plastic surgeons and dermatologists who have found it to be safe and effective for body contouring. It’s probably just a matter of time before the FDA approves it’s use for cryolipolysis.

Costs for treatment with Zeltiq are in the $700 range for each 1 hour application. According to one study, in ten out of ten subjects who were tested, 20.4% normalized fat layer reduction occurred at 2 months and 25.5% at 6 months after the treatment.

One last thing, upon hearing about this process, I immediately went to my freezer and popped a freezer pack into my pants onto my belly pouch! That got me thinking and I found a website that sells specialized compression pants with pockets sewn right in to place freezer packs! They cost much less than a Zeltiq treatment, starting at $80.06 per pair.  I loved them so much I became a distributor. You can now find these pants on my website:

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